HACCP-Certified FactoryHACCP-Certified Factory

“The world's firstHACCP-
certified fugu factory”

We believe that our processed fugu products are the safest in the world.
FUGU Production CycleFUGU Production Cycle


We constantly carry out thorough sanitation management according to HACCP methods and maintain a high level of awareness thereof.
The Art of “FUGU”The Art of “FUGU”

“A Masterpiece of
Japanese Cuisine”

Fugu-sashi or pufferfish sashimi is enjoyed first by the eyes, then savored by the tongue. Mastering the techniques to bring out the full flavor of fugu, we deliver its ultimate expression of beauty.
Our Product’s StrengthOur Product’s Strengths

“Easy and convenient
yet still authentic”

Through top quality ingredients and expert techniques, we fully harness the mesmerizing power of fugu.