The art of "FUGU"

A Masterpiece of Japanese Cuisine. Fugu-sashi (pufferfish sashimi) is enjoyed first by the eyes, then savored by the tongue. The 18 cooks on our sashimi team are licensed specialists in fugu processing who constantly work to better their skills. We have mastered techniques to bring out the fugu's true beauty and flavor in order to deliver you with happiness and good fortune (in Japanese, 'Fuku').

At Fukutarou Honbu, expert sashimi specialists offer thorough technical guidance to less experienced employees. This makes it possible for the traditional aesthetics of sashimi to be passed down from one generation to the next.

At Fukutarou Honbu, we place a film underneath our fugu sashimi so that you can easily serve beautiful dishes at your restaurant or home simply by defrosting. Enjoy a super fresh taste without wasting a thing just as if you had hired a professional chef.

Since fugu sashimi is light in taste, it goes well with both Japanese and Western dishes.

Placed on a decorative pottery plate by our professional chefs' own two hands, our aesthetically delicious kiku-mori (chrysanthemum shaped) "sashimi" is a feast for both the eyes and the tongue. The skill of our specialists is evidenced by the patterns visible through the thinly sliced fugu sashimi.

These decorative pottery plates are a Fukutaro original and were designed to complement the fugu's beauty when arranged. We also offer products where our Fuku sashimi and the plate design unveil a story together. If restaurants are interested, we can send our sashimi on decorated plates.