The strength of
FUKUTAROU'S products

A safe and secure HACCP-Certified Factory

We keep our fugu fresh by using tanks equipped with the latest filtration systems and by quickly removing all poisonous parts.

We accept small orders

Since we were the first to offer fugu delivery services in Japan, we are accustomed to taking small orders. Shipping is available starting from 1 case. For customers in Singapore and Malaysia, we offer shipments directly to your store through the Yamato delivery service. Please feel free to contact us for details.

Eliminate waste with “READY-TO-EAT” products

A common problem both domestically and internationally when handling fugu is waste. At Fukutarou, we carefully consider how to best minimize the burdens placed on restaurants and provide authentic fugu products that are easy to handle with minimal product loss.

High quality frozen products

The secret to our quality is the rapid freezing achieved with our liquid nitrogen (LN2) quick-freezing equipment. By freezing the fish to -196℃, the nutrients and vitamins in the food are preserved and dehydration is minimized preventing loss in weight. Thanks to this technology you can enjoy the taste of freshly-cut fugu simply by defrosting.

For even safer products

In 2011, Fukutarou developed an original lot tracking system using QR codes. Information gathered at the fugu's arrival is read and displayed during the processing of each product as well as at the packing stage. This has led to even safer products as it allows us to automatically check the ingredients and best by dates while minimizing the occurrence of mistakes.

Easy and
convenient processed food

As a company specializing in the handling of fugu, Fukutarou is always researching the best way to eat fugu based on the fish's type. We also deliver these simple and easy to serve products daily to our Tokyo antenna shop "Ginza Fukutarou" located at Ginza 5 Chome. Here, they provide authentic fugu cuisine without the need of a fugu master. Residents living near Tokyo and visitors from abroad are able to fully savor their delicious fugu lunch and dinner options year-round.